Kansas City Police Department slam dunks Donald Trump

Last night Donald Trump revealed that he apparently doesn’t even know there’s a Kansas City in Missouri – let alone the fact that it’s where the Kansas City Chiefs play their games – when he congratulated the state of Kansas (but not the state of Missouri) for its Super Bowl victory. If there’s one person in the United States who should know this kind of geography, it’s the President of the United States.

Jokes about Donald Trump’s ignorance have continued to pile up since his infamous Kansas tweet. Even the Kansas City (Missouri) Police Department got in on the act, posting this tweet after midnight:

Now that everyone is paying attention to Kansas City, it seems people are confused: We’re from MISSOURI. Check our profile pic – It’s our Missouri-shaped patch.

Considering the attention that Donald Trump’s infamous tweet was getting by that time, there’s no question that the tweet was poking fun at Trump. This comes after Trump revealed last year that he thought Alabama bordered the Atlantic Ocean, and then later tried to cover for it by altering a map with a Sharpie. Trump also once asserted that he’s building a border wall in Colorado because it borders Mexico.

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