Kamala Harris drops the hammer on Donald Trump

Will Kamala Harris be Joe Biden’s running mate? Will she be Joe Biden’s Attorney General? Will she become President of the United States next time around? While we wait for those answers, Harris is reminding us that right now she’s a U.S. Senator – and Donald Trump is a criminal.

Trump threatened to withhold emergency funding for Michigan due to the state’s decision to let people vote by mail during a pandemic. Senator Kamala Harris was one of the leading voices in pushing back against Trump over this, and sure enough, he did what cowards do: he backed down and approved the funding. But Harris is still gunning for him:



It’s notable that Kamala Harris keeps talking about the crimes that Donald Trump has been committing. She has a strong prosecutorial background, so she knows a criminal when she sees one – and if Trump loses this election, he’ll end up in prison.

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