Justice Alito goes off the deep end

You may have heard the phrase, “criminals talk too much.” To that, I say — so do Supreme Court Justices. Since the implementation of the Texas handmaid law and the subsequent decision by the Supreme Court to do nothing, many an outraged court Justice has been speaking out. They are seeking to justify their decision.

In my opinion, this just means they know they did wrong. Because if one knows they did right, one does not have to justify anything. We have been subjected to Alito’s pompousness and constant whining. We have listened to nobody’s favorite Justice, One Clarence Thomas, pontificate in that condescending way he has. And do not even get me started on Amy Coney Handmaid.

But now another Justice is speaking out for a different reason. This is Justice Sonia Sotomayor. This has to do with the way oral arguments are presented in the highest Court in the land. The format was recently changed. The reason for these changes, said Justice Sotomayor, was to prevent interruptions — particularly interruptions to the FEMALES on the Court.

You see, studies have been done showing that the female Justices were interrupted much more frequently than their fellow male justices. Justice Sotomayor shared all this at a talk on Wednesday at New York University School of Law.

It is indeed a fascinating thing. In many ways, women have come so far, but this shows there is still so much work to be done — even at the Supreme Court level.


Justice Sotomayor also revealed it was Chief Justice Roberts who made these changes. He was, Sotomayor explained, extremely sensitive to this issue. As for the changes in format — I’m all in and applaud this latest move to give the female Justices equal time to speak.

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