Robert Mueller just won one of his biggest court battles

Last week the media was telling us that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was winding down his Trump-Russia investigation, and that he could turn in his final report as soon as this week, and call it a day. The DOJ has since announced that Mueller won’t be done this week, and now we’re seeing a reminder that Mueller isn’t “winding down” anything; he’s ramping up to a spectacular climax.

When Robert Mueller indicted and arrested Roger Stone on seven felony counts, one of the unanswered questions was what would happen to the remainder of the case that Mueller had been building against Stone. After all, these seven counts only related to Trump-Russia and perjury. Mueller had reportedly been probing every aspect of Stone’s life, including a number of alleged criminal scandals that had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Much of that centered around a Stone associate named Andrew Miller.

When Robert Mueller tried to subpoena Miller to testify against Roger Stone in apparent regard to a local scandal in Florida, Miller decided to fight the subpoena in court, arguing that Mueller shouldn’t have been appointed to begin with. Now we know that Mueller didn’t simply give up on that fight when he decided to indict Stone. In fact Mueller just won that battle in federal appeals court. So now what?

Miller can try to appeal this to the Supreme Court, but it could be very difficult for him to get the high court to take up the case. The most likely outcome is that Miller will have to testify against Roger Stone now. Robert Mueller could haul him back to the grand jury and bring a superseding indictment against Stone, or Mueller could wait and use Miller as a trial witness. But the upshot is that Mueller clearly isn’t “winding down” anything. If he his finishing his probe soon, it’ll be with a bang, not with a trickle.