Just take the win

Now that former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is reportedly giving substantial cooperation to the January 6th Committee, the usual debates are erupting across social media about whether Grisham is “good” or “bad” or should be “forgiven.”

I’ll save everyone some time: Grisham is not a good person, and it’s completely irrelevant. This isn’t about sitting back and grading these people, as if we’re performance evaluators on the morality scale. If you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump and his loyalists are at war with us; that’s what the Capitol attack was about. And in war, all that matters is winning. If Grisham, for whatever reason, wants to hand us a win by giving verifiable incriminating evidence against Trump to the committee, then we must gladly take that win.


You can still take Grisham’s help, and take the win, without having to “forgive” or reward her. You don’t have to buy her book. You don’t have to like her tweets. But we have to take the win she’s handing us, no matter why she’s handing it to us.

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