Donald Trump just lost again

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump. His aspirations are so evil, he’s done more damage to America in one year than any other U.S. President has arguably ever done in four or eight years. But he’s also so lazy and incompetent, and so insistent on surrounding himself with bumbling sycophants instead of capable henchmen, he’s only done a tenth of the damage he’d like to do. Today was yet another example of how when it comes to his ambitions, Trump just keeps losing.

Trump tried to punt on immigration by striking down DACA via executive order on a six month delay, so he could spend those six months refusing to work with Congress on the issue, in the hope that the public would ultimately blame Congress when DACA falls by the wayside. The trouble: no one on Trump’s side seems to know how to do anything. As a result, the courts ruled that the Trump administration must continue accepting DACA applications while it plays out in Congress. Trump’s side tried to get the Supreme Court to step in, but today the high court told Trump no thanks.

This just keeps happening. Trump and his people tried banning Muslims from entering the country via executive order, but they did it in such bumbling fashion that the courts promptly struck down most of it. One court after another has sided against Trump on this issue, and some judges have gone so far as to use Trump’s tweets about Muslims as a legal basis for their rulings.

On the one hand, Donald Trump and his people are trying to do such unconstitutional things, it’s not shocking to see that they keep losing in the courts. But they’re so incompetent in their villainy, they’re making it easy for judges to continue ruling against them on numerous issues. Trump just keeps finding ways to lose, and each time he loses, America wins.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report