Just how stupid is Donald Trump?

Earlier today, former Trump administration official Miles Taylor revealed that he was the author of the 2018 op-ed which anonymously promised to rein in Donald Trump from within. This was a disappointment to a number of observers, who were hoping that “Anonymous” would end up being someone closer to Trump with a bigger name.

But if most of you guess wrong about who Anonymous was, at least you didn’t guess as wrongly as Donald Trump did. During his rally tonight, Trump said he was afraid it would be “someone like Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner, Mike Lee, or Rand Paul.”

Here’s the thing: at the time the op-ed was published, the New York Times identified the author as a “senior official in the Trump administration.” Yet Trump apparently missed this part, or didn’t understand what it meant, because he had two Senators on his list of possible culprits.

Donald Trump spent significant time rage tweeting about the anonymous op-ed and demanding that the White House investigate the person’s identity. Yet the entire time, Trump was looking in the wrong direction entirely. He thinks being a Republican Senator means you’re a “senior official in the Trump administration”? Just how stupid is this guy?

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