Donald Trump’s latest meltdown reveals just how far gone he is

What precisely is wrong with Donald Trump’s mind? That’s a question that historians and psychologists will be discussing for hundreds of years to come. But whatever it is – malignant narcissism, sociopathy, senility, all of the above – it’s getting worse by the day. In fact Trump just reminded us of this when he not only quoted his favorite propaganda outlet, but went so far as to wildly misquote that propaganda outlet.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted this quote while attributing it to Fox News: “Congressman Schiff omitted and distorted key facts.” The trouble here is that Fox News didn’t even say that. Brian Stelter from CNN did us all a favor by rolling back the tape, and found that a Fox News commentator instead said this: “Congressman Schiff, he argues Republican memo omitted and distorted key facts.” See, that has the opposite meaning. Ironically, Trump came up with this misquote by omitting and distorting key facts.

So now we find ourselves facing the same unresolved debate. Did Trump purposely leave four meaning-changing words out of this quote because he’s so brazenly demented, he figured why not try it? Did this happen because he’s genuinely too senile to understand what he’s hearing? Is it possible that this kind of behavior is some combination of mental derangement and mental incompetence? Either way, it’s getting markedly worse.

Donald Trump is now so far gone that not only does he spend all day watching the people on Fox News who praise him, he’s now making up things that they didn’t even say, and going so far as to put it all in quotation marks. Last week we pointed out that Trump wildly misquoted his own prior quote about the alleged four hundred pound hacker, going so far as to get most of his own words wrong. This is just plain weird, even for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report