Donald Trump just cut and ran

When Donald Trump announced he was holding yet another press briefing today, it raised the question of what he would do when he was inevitably asked about his “disinfectant” controversy. After all, he told everyone yesterday that they should consider ingesting products like Lysol or bleach, which would kill a person. Now we have our answer.

Donald Trump’s press briefing today consisted of him talking for a minute or two, Mike Pence talking about testing for several minutes, an expert speaking briefly, and then… suddenly it was over. The whole thing ended before the reporters could ask Trump or anyone else in the room any questions.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that Trump cut and ran today, as the very first question would have been about bleach and Lysol, and there’s no possible way an increasingly addled Trump could have answered it satisfactorily. By doing this, Trump and his handlers ensured that he didn’t do anything to make the “disinfectant” mess even worse. But it also ensures that the disinfectant thing will be the dominant story heading into the weekend. As always, Trump is a coward.

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