Donald Trump just blew it during his press conference

For years, Palmer Report has been urging the public to ignore Donald Trump whenever he makes threats that he knows are impossible to carry out. For instance, he spent a long time threatening to pardon his Russia scandal co-conspirators, when that was never an option for him; he was hoping that we would be too busy fighting back against that imaginary threat to notice the awful things he was actually doing.

Even as recently as this week, we were concerned when we saw too many people focusing on Donald Trump’s threats to shut down the post office and fire Dr. Fauci, when Trump doesn’t have the muscle to pull off either of them (sure enough, he’s already backed down on Fauci). But now Trump has made his most absurdly impossible threat of all: he’s insisting that he has total authority over the states, and that he can reopen them whenever he wants.

Fortunately, this is such an obviously false assertion and phony threat, every legitimate major news network has emphatically pointed out that Trump simply does not have these powers. It’s right there in the Tenth Amendment. And even though that’s one of the more obscure amendments, the media has helpfully tutored everyone about this over the past few days.

So now the mainstream public is finally and fully aware that Donald Trump does indeed have a penchant for making impossible threats as a way of trying to distract us from his actual scandals. That means it’ll be a lot easier for the public to see through Trump’s phony threats going forward. This matters, because as long as Trump can dictate what his detractors are focused on, he can control them. But if Trump can’t steer his detractors in the wrong direction, he has no control over what happens from here on out.

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