Errant court filing reveals Robert Mueller’s allies have secretly criminally charged Julian Assange

Here we go. Just hours after a Robert Mueller court filing revealed that we are no more than ten days away from the arrest of one or more “big fish” in the Trump-Russia scandal, now another court filing has revealed – apparently unintentionally – that Mueller’s allies have already criminally charged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. So now what?

It started when Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Paul Manafort jointly asked the judge for a ten day delay in filing a required status update about their plea agreement, promising that the next ten days would reveal a lot about the nature of Manafort’s cooperation. Translation: at least one person Manafort has sold out is getting arrested, and the most likely names are Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and/or Roger Stone. This raised the stakes significantly on what’s about to happen next. Then came the chaotic part.

The Eastern District of Virginia, which has long been cooperating with Robert Mueller on various aspects of the Trump-Russia probe, accidentally mentioned in a court filing that it was important to try to “keep confidential the fact that Assange has been charged.” Sources then told the Washington Post that the disclosure was “true, but unintentional.” Oops. Actually, we suspect the EDVA might have done this on purpose, because it’s the kind of mistake they don’t make, and because it could be aimed at getting Assange’s side to panic and screw up.

Here’s the kicker. Unless a whole lot of cloak and dagger has taken place that we don’t know about, the United States doesn’t have Julian Assange. However, there has been significant talk over the past couple months that Ecuador is preparing to turn him over to the UK, which in turn has an extradition treaty with the United States. That would allow Ecuador to cough up Assange to Robert Mueller without having to be seen as having directly sold Assange out. So is Assange among those who are about to get arrested in the next ten days? Stay tuned, things are moving quickly now.