Judge Sullivan can still do anything to Michael Flynn that he wants

– When I pointed out earlier that Judge Sullivan can still announce the opinion that Trump’s pardon of his co-conspirator Michael Flynn is invalid, and sentence him to prison anyway, some questioned if this is realistic. With most other judges, I’d say no. But Sullivan has been making it his mission for awhile now to salvage the Flynn case from Trump’s clutches. So, I won’t be surprised if Sullivan sentences Flynn and then dares him to appeal it. There’s no past precedent on this kind of pardon. With all these Trump pardons coming, there’s about to be precedent, one way or the other. Someone has to start the process. Why not Sullivan?

– Let’s be real here. Michael Flynn dined with Vladimir Putin in Moscow at the start of the 2016 election cycle. Flynn was on the phone with the Kremlin constantly during the transition period. Of course Trump pardoned Flynn. Flynn is Putin’s guy. With Trump, all roads lead to Putin.

– No matter how many times President-elect Biden repeats his position that he will not interfere with the criminal prosecution of Trump, the media keeps repeating the lie that Biden stands opposed to prosecuting Trump. It’s just embarrassing how much the media flat out lies about this stuff, in the latest weird attempt at manufacturing controversy and ginning up ratings. Come on, TV pundits, do better.

– Someday you’ll be able to tell your grandkids that you helped drive Trump out of power.

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