Judge Amy Berman Jackson just sent an unmistakable message to Donald Trump

Judge Amy Berman Jackson just tacked enough additional years onto Paul Manafort’s federal prison sentence to ensure that he’ll die behind bars, bringing an end to Manafort’s treasonous saga, and effectively, an end to his life. Along the way, the judge made a point of sending an unmistakable message to Donald Trump about his own fate.

Judge Jackson began by slam dunking Paul Manafort for conspiring against the United States with a foreign enemy. She didn’t say it, but that’s precisely what Donald Trump did when he conspired with the Kremlin to rig the presidential election in his favor. Jackson then took more specific aim at Trump, calling out his “no collusion” mantra as a “non-sequitur.” In other words, the judge just told Trump to shut the hell up.

While bringing Donald Trump’s catch phrase into the equation, Judge Jackson focused in on the fact that Paul Manafort has been committing a pattern of crimes for his entire life. Sound familiar? But the real hammer drop came when Jackson explicitly stated that because the question of Trump-Russia collusion wasn’t raised at this trial, the outcome of the trial didn’t rule out Trump-Russia collusion.

This was a clear rebuke of Donald Trump’s stunt last week, in which he falsely claimed that Judge T.S. Ellis had stated that there was no Trump-Russia collusion, when this absolutely did not happen. Judge Amy Berman Jackson was making sure that Trump can’t lie about it this time. By the way, New York State says it’s bringing additional charges against Paul Manafort, which will result in additional prison time. He’s toast. Then again, so is Trump in the end. Update: New York just charged Manafort on sixteen felony counts.