Judge drops the hammer on Sidney Powell and Lin Wood

Justice comes slowly and incrementally by definition, but now that the Trump era is over, justice is indeed definitely coming. Even as we wait to see if the likes of Sidney Powell and Lin Wood will face criminal charges for trying to fraudulently overthrow the 2020 election, a judge is cracking down on them in a different way.

Today, Judge Linda Parker has approved the government’s request to bring sanctions, including disbarment referrals, against Powell and Wood. This ruling comes after hearings took place several weeks ago regarding Powell’s and Wood’s actions.


This ruling – assuming it does indeed result in disbarment – sends an important message to any lawyers out there who might be tempted to get involved in future Republican attempts at overthrowing elections. Disbarment means the end of your legal career. And in the case of Powell, Wood, and others, disbarment could just be the start of their legal problems.

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