Things just took an ugly turn in Donald Trump Jr subpoena battle

When it was revealed last week that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr had subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr to testify about the Trump-Russia scandal, and that Junior was refusing to comply with the subpoena, Palmer Report explained how this could escalate into a contempt battle that would quickly turn ugly for the Republican Party. Sure enough, that’s now happening.

Palmer Report spelled out last week that Richard Burr and the Democrats on his committee have enough votes to hold Donald Trump Jr in contempt of Congress, even if every Republican on the committee but Burr votes against it. From there it would go to the full Senate floor, where only a majority vote would be needed to formally hold Junior in contempt. This would yield one of two ugly results. Either Trump’s own Republican Party would be holding Trump’s son in contempt and carrying out legal punishment against him, or Trump’s own party would be corruptly voting to let Trump’s son off the legal hook during a televised hearing.

It turns out Senate Republicans are indeed very much worried about either of these scenarios playing out, and are trying to find a way to avoid it, according to a new report tonight from Politico. As we predicted, these unnamed GOP Senators are trying to find a way behind the scenes to push Trump Jr into testifying after all, if only to avoid the damaging specter of a contempt hearing.

The thing is, we doubt it’ll work. By all accounts, Richard Burr will accept nothing less than Donald Trump Jr showing up and testifying, and Trump Jr is unwilling to put himself at risk of perjury charges by testifying. So where does this leave the Trump regime and the GOP? You tell us.

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