Don Trump Jr. goes completely off the deep end as New York closes in on Donald Trump

This past week it’s become more clear than ever that New York City is going to criminally charge and imprison Donald Trump, with one former prosecutor now saying criminal charges against Trump are a certainty. This means that Donald Trump Junior has to worry about what’ll happen to him and his family business once his father is taken down, and if Junior will be arrested himself.

Suffice it to say that the pressure is getting to Don Junior, as evidenced by this disturbing new video he posted:


Normally we ignore Donald Trump Jr’s ramblings these days. But this new video, which sees him ranting and raving about teachers while standing in what appears to be a bunker full of guns, suggests that he’s very nearly at his breaking point. If anyone in his life cares about him, they should be trying to get him help. And if he is arrested soon, it could end up saving his life.

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