Donald Trump Jr skips town as Trump-Russia investigation closes in on him

If your own father just tried to save himself by directly incriminating you in a treasonous plot against the United States, how would you react? That’s the question we’ve spent the week waiting to be answered, as that’s precisely the situation Donald Trump Jr finds himself in. We’ve seen him do some weird things in response, such as calling into a talk show and then hanging up as soon as he got asked about it. But now he’s done something even weirder.

Donald Trump Jr tweeted a photo of a very small airplane along with the words “Mountain time. See you in a week.” That’s right, he’s not huddled with his lawyers, or trying to figure out how to deal with the decades of prison he’s facing. Instead he’s skipping town. If now seems like a particularly odd time for him to go on vacation, consider that his father Donald Trump is also on vacation right now, though it’s difficult to tell when Donald Trump isn’t on vacation. In any case, what does this tell us?

As we explained at the time, Donald Trump Jr is in a no-win situation. Donald Trump has essentially decided to ship him off to prison in the hope that it’ll stop the bleeding when it comes to the Trump-Russia scandal. We wouldn’t be shocked if Trump has privately promised to pardon his son, but that’s not going to work, and Trump knows it. The only question is whether Junior is naive enough to believe his father might actually bail him out of this.

For those who might be tempted to ask, no, Donald Trump Jr is not attempting to avoid arrest by leaving town. There’s no indication that his indictment or arrest is imminent, and even he wouldn’t be dumb enough to tweet hints about where he was planning to hide. This is simply about Junior skipping town for a vacation at a time when any rational person would seemingly be hunkered down with attorneys. In any case, this all keeps getting stranger.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report