Donald Trump Jr screws up and incriminates his father with the dumbest tweet of all time

Donald Trump is already facing mounting legal trouble and exploding political scandal over his decision to try to cover up his son Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian government during the election. Junior tried to rig the election during that meeting, and then Senior committed felony obstruction of justice by trying to hide its true purpose from investigators. Now Junior has gone and screwed his father yet again, outing him for a different crime that no one even knew about.

This week FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe announced his retirement. For months, Donald Trump had been publicly and privately harassing and threatening McCabe, under the paranoid and mistaken belief that McCabe was some kind of secret agent working for Hillary Clinton. Trump rather obviously committed obstruction of justice by forcing McCabe out, but that was going to be difficult to prove in a legal sense, because technically McCabe retired voluntarily. Now, however, Donald Trump Jr has just changed everything with one idiotic tweet.

Trump Jr was trying to make the case on Twitter today that the idiotic and fictional memo from rogue Congressman Devin Nunes is somehow proof that his father is innocent in the Russian treason scandal. Junior tweeted this: “It was good enough to fire McCabe, no one argues its factually inaccurate, but now days later they want to protect the names of those involved in a scandal that was big enough to fire a senior official a month before retirement? They don’t deserve a pass on that!” Wait, since when was McCabe fired?

Donald Trump Jr just admitted that as far as Donald Trump sees it, he did fire Andrew McCabe by badgering and threatening him into retirement. He just confessed that his father committed felony obstruction of justice after all. It also means that Junior just confessed to being a part of that conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice. Oops.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report