Donald Trump Jr has no idea what’s about to hit him

Donald Trump Jr is a lot of things, most of them overtly negative. But it may be time to conclude that he’s a good older brother to Eric, because Junior has spent quite a lot of time lately trying to convince the public that Eric isn’t the dumb one. That’s awfully nice of Junior, but unfortunately for him, he’s done it by proving just what an oblivious idiot he is.

If you’ve had the misfortune to look at Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter feed, you know that it’s a landfill where tinfoil hat conspiracy theories blossom amid the toxic waste. Junior spends all day tweeting and retweeting nonsense about how the real criminals are the people who have been exposing his crimes and his family’s crimes. Last night that all came to a head and made a few things crystal clear.

After some crackpot pretending to be Kurt Russell posted a wacky conspiracy theory about how Robert Mueller and his team have somehow admitted they have no evidence of any Trump crimes, Donald Trump Jr posted this in response: “Don’t worry, they’ll figure out how to drag it out for a few more years and still come up with nothing because that’s what happened… nothing.” Wow.

First of all, Donald Trump Jr is delusional enough to think that he and his father have “years” left. Junior is on the verge of being indicted and arrested on crimes ranging from the easily provable (perjury) to the truly ugly (conspiracy against the United States, laundering foreign money, and all that good stuff). He’ll be behind bars, as prosecutors use him as a pawn for forcing Donald Trump to negotiate a resignation deal in exchange for reduced charges. Junior truly doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.

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