GOP Senate begins eating itself alive over Donald Trump Jr subpoena

We don’t yet know what impact the Senate Intelligence Committee’s subpoena of Donald Trump Jr will have on him. He’s vowing not to show up, which would leave him in contempt of Congress, thus setting up a contempt hearing that would be ugly for Republican Senators no matter how it plays out. Perhaps sensing the no-win direction this is heading in, the GOP Senate has already begun tearing itself apart.

While there’s a perception that the entire Republican Senate is pushing back against Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr over the subpoena, the reality is that the GOP Senate reaction has been split. The likes of Marco Rubio and Susan Collins are publicly defending Burr, even as the likes of Rand Paul and Thom Tillis are attacking Burr.

These Republican Senators have all proven themselves to be consistent liars and easily corrupted, so for all we know, they could all end up changing their positions by this time next week. But even if they eventually end up falling in line, the public infighting alone is the last thing Donald Trump needs right now, even as he tries to push the false narrative that the Republicans are behind him, and that only the Democrats are still interested in investigating his scandals. It gets even worse for Trump.

Donald Trump’s own people appear to understand how bad this whole thing is for him. Someone on Team Trump said this to Axios: “If you touch Don, we’ll come after you … and our base will come after you.” Plenty of people on social media have interpreted this as a violent threat against anyone who tries to investigate Donald Trump Jr’s actions. But we think it’s actually a threat to launch primary challenges against any Republican Senator who dares to investigate Trump Jr. This means Team Trump really is just that worried about where this Trump Jr subpoena is headed.

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