Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for coronavirus as Donald Trump’s world falls apart

A few minutes ago the news broke that Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for coronavirus. Now that the news has broken, Junior’s spokesman is confirming that he actually tested positive at the beginning of the week. This suggests that the Trump camp had been planning to cover the whole thing up, until someone leaked it.

This comes on the same day that Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus, one day after Andrew participated in a press conference with Rudy and the rest of Donald Trump’s election legal team. Close Trump ally Rick Scott, Senator from Florida, also tested positive today.

This is simply out of control, yet not at all surprising. Donald Trump and most of the people around him have insisted that the pandemic is already magically over, and that masks and social distancing are not important. So even as Trump’s failed presidency is spiraling into the gutter, his family and allies are now getting sick from the pandemic that he negligently made worse.

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