Donald Trump Jr holds utterly disastrous press conference as everything unravels

When Donald Trump Jr announced that he would be holding a press conference at 6pm eastern time in Atlanta, we weren’t sure what to think of it. Donald Trump had been relying on Eric Trump to handle his PR these past couple days, but now Junior – who has clearly been falling apart lately – was stepping to the plate.

Donald Trump Jr’s performance in the press conference was about as deranged as one might expect. But the real story came from Trump Junior’s co-host Vernon Jones, a local Georgia politician who said this: “We’re starting now to see the white of their eyes, and we’re getting ready to start shooting.”

This is getting more stupid by the minute. We don’t know if Vernon Jones’ remarks meet the legal threshold of trying to incite violence, But either way, it’s way too dangerous for him to be talking this way right now, and he knows it. This comes after Trump associate Steve Bannon began calling for beheadings and got suspended from Twitter for it.

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