Devin Nunes just helped send Donald Trump Jr to prison

Oops. Rogue Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, who has spent the past year criminally conspiring with Donald Trump to obstruct justice, is going to prison. But now, thanks to his loose lips and a secret tape recording, Nunes has just helped send a number of Trump-Russia players to prison. Among them, remarkably: Donald Trump Jr.

Rachel Maddow aired a secret tape tonight of Devin Nunes admitting that if anyone helped facilitate the distribution of emails stolen by the Russians, it’s a crime. Of course this is simply how the law works. But this past week Donald Trump publicly admitted that Donald Trump Jr colluded with the Russians in an attempt at receiving those stolen emails – and then he insisted that it was somehow perfectly legal. It’s clear that Team Trump is planning a legal defense around the notion that treasonously conspiring with a foreign enemy to alter the outcome of an election is just politics as usual, and therefore none of them should be convicted for it.

Devin Nunes just blew up that defense strategy. Donald Trump thinks if he can win this argument in the court of public opinion, prosecutors won’t dare arrest his son and put him on trial. But now that Nunes is flat out admitting the criminal nature of these activities, that strategy is finished.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump Jr ultimately received the stolen emails from the Russians or not, as legally speaking, it’s a criminal conspiracy whether the goal of that conspiracy was achieved or not. Devin Nunes also just made life very difficult for the likes of Roger Stone and Julian Assange, who are also accused of conspiring with the Russians on the stolen emails.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report