Donald Trump Jr goes completely off the deep end after New York state prepares first Trump-Russia criminal charges

How smart is Donald Trump Jr? Back when he first got into Trump-Russia legal trouble, and we began using his own incriminating tweets against him in our articles, he blocked us on Twitter – and he thought that was somehow going to prevent us from being able to find his tweets. In other words, on the “smart” scale, he ranks as “not very.” Now he’s off on a new, and truly delusional, tangent.

Considering all the signs that the SDNY is building a comprehensive federal criminal case against him, and this week’s new revelation that the New York District Attorney is preparing to bring the first state level Trump-Russia criminal charges (which can’t be pardoned), one might think Donald Trump Jr would be focused on his criminal defense strategy. Instead, Junior is busy screwing around on social media, and he’s increasingly coming off like a Donald Trump parody account.

Take, for instance, this recent Trump Jr tweet: “Hilarious watching Ds scramble as their precious COLLUSION! narrative dies a slow, painful (hilarious) death.” Anyone have any idea what he’s talking about? No, and neither does he. How many times did he cram the word “hilarious” into this tweet? And again, he thinks we can’t see it, just because he blocked us. But Junior’s recent Instagram post reveals just how truly far gone he is.

Donald Trump Jr is now hinting that he’ll run for president in 2024. Wait, the president of what? The prison yard? This is a guy who’s looking at decades in prison on federal charges, and even if his father manages to pardon him, he’s looking at decades in prison on state charges. There are no magic wands here; Junior’s life is over. Just don’t tell that to him, because he’s too busy distracting himself with unintentionally hilarious fantasies.

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