Donald Trump Jr goes on television and totally blows it

Now that the Devin Nunes memo has been released, smart people on both sides understand that it’s completely failed to shift the Trump-Russia scandal in Donald Trump’s favor. Fox News is desperately trying to spin that failure as a Trump victory, because it doesn’t want to admit that it spent weeks hyping the memo for nothing. Then there’s Donald Trump Jr, who is dumb enough to actually believe the memo somehow helped his side. He went on Fox to take a victory lap, and he stupidly blew it by admitting something he shouldn’t have.

Here’s what Trump Jr said on Fox News this weekend: “There’s a little bit of sweet revenge for me and the family, in the sense if they wouldn’t have done this, this stuff would be going on. This would be going on at the highest levels of government. They would be continuing to do it to my father.” It’s not shocking to learn that Junior is too dumb to understand how badly the memo has bombed, and that he’s so lost in a haze of imaginary conspiracy theories, he truly believes there’s a secret FBI plot to undermine Trump. The newsworthy part here comes down to two words: “sweet revenge.”

Junior just admitted in exact words that the memo crafted by his father and Devin Nunes was a revenge plot against the FBI and Department of Justice. This undermines the entire premise that the memo was an earnest attempt at highlighting, for the common good, abuses of the FISA warrant process. We all know that Donald Trump is simply trying to get revenge against the federal investigators who are exposing his treasonous crimes. But now Junior just went on Fox News and admitted it to Trump’s supporters.

Nearly every time Donald Trump Jr goes on television, he makes an unforced error by admitting something stupid or incriminating about his father’s Russia scandal. This time is no different. What’s remarkable is that Donald Trump doesn’t have the sense to keep his son off television, and Trump’s handlers can’t make it happen either.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report