Adam Schiff just sent Donald Trump Jr to prison

The deed is done. Adam Schiff has held the vote. The transcripts have been released. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and by extension the Southern District of New York, now have them. Fifty or more people are now potentially in danger of going to prison for perjury. The one we know for certain is going to prison: let’s just call him Individual-1 Jr.

We don’t know how many of the Trump-Russia players who testified before the House Intel Committee committed perjury. But we do know that the Republicans who controlled the committee at the time were encouraging the witnesses to insist they’d done nothing wrong, so the committee could release a phony report that falsely exonerated them all. The question now is how many of Trump’s people were stupid enough to go along with committing perjury. One of the committee members has already confirmed that Donald Trump Jr was indeed just that stupid.

Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier is on the committee, meaning she witnessed all of this testimony when it happened. She recently revealed during an on-air interview on MSNBC that a Trump Organization official was among those who committed perjury. Donald Trump Jr is the only person from the Trump Organization who testified to the committee, period, so Speier just (knowingly) told us that it was Junior who committed perjury.

It’s not been difficult to parse that Robert Mueller and/or the SDNY is building a comprehensive criminal case against Donald Trump Jr in relation to his espionage with Russia during the 2016 election, his role in the Trump Organization’s shady business deals, and more. Prosecutors have to do some real legwork to get convictions on these kinds of complex charges. But perjury is a different story; it’s a near-automatic conviction when the evidence is there to support it.

So yeah, Adam Schiff and his House Intel Committee just sent Donald Trump Jr to prison. The specific day he ends up getting arrested, whether he gets out on bail, and how long his trial ends up taking are still an open question. But there’s no longer any doubt he’ll end up behind bars. Even if his father tries to pardon him, that’s when the New York Attorney General would step in with state-level charges that can’t be pardoned by the president. Game over, Junior.