Donald Trump Jr has berserk meltdown after Adam Schiff delivers him to Robert Mueller

New House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and the committee’s new Democratic majority voted today to turn over all of their Trump-Russia testimony transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It means likely felony perjury charges for a whole lot of Donald Trump’s people, and definite perjury charges for Donald Trump Jr. Suffice it to say that Junior didn’t take the news well – at all.

After the news came down that Donald Trump Jr’s life was over, he decided that this was a good time to try to be funny. He quoted a tweet referencing the previous months of Trump-Russia testimony, quipping “Does anyone watching this really believe he wasn’t leaking these as they happened? LMAO!!! Anything for a sound bite.” Wait, huh?

To be clear, no serious person believes that Adam Schiff, a former prosecutor with significant legal savvy, was leaking anything from these hearings. In fact no serious person has even accused him of such a thing. But as we keep seeing, Donald Trump Jr is not a serious person. He just got his ticket punched for a guaranteed prison sentence, and his response was LMAO, the abbreviation for “Laughing My Ass Off.”

When Donald Trump Jr gets to prison, perhaps he should try doing his funny-man routine there. We’ve heard that goes over just great with the inmates. Then again, this is the genius who blocked Palmer Report on Twitter a year and a half ago, and genuinely seems to believe this means we can’t see his tweets anymore. He probably also thinks other people can’t see him if he has his eyes closed.