Joy Reid just handled Donald Trump perfectly

Donald Trump has recently confessed to “accidentally” watching certain TV shows, conjuring images of Trump lying in bed and unable to find his remote control, yet too lazy to get up and look for it, and thus stuck watching whatever channel his TV happens to be on at the time. Perhaps that’s how he ended up watching Joy-Ann Reid’s show on MSNBC this morning.

Regardless of how Donald Trump ended up watching the show, suffice it to say that he wasn’t happy with what he heard. Trump launched into a Twitter tirade that started with “Who the hell is Joy-Ann Reid?” and proceeded to go downhill from there. Trump’s rant about Reid was a mix of lies, wacky innuendo, and incoherent ramblings.

This placed all eyes on Joy Reid. After all, Trump’s tweet prompted her name to begin trending atop Twitter, in both variations of her first name. Various news outlets began covering his attack on her. So we checked to see how Reid would respond. We checked personal Twitter account, then we checked the official Twitter account for her TV show, and… nothing. She went about her business, covering the news as if the attack hadn’t happened.

Whatever Donald Trump was hoping to get out of attacking Joy Reid, he didn’t get the satisfaction of a response. It was her name that ended up trending, not his. She gained followers, and likely gained viewers, over it. More people will now watch her report on Trump’s scandals and crimes. More people are probably going to buy her Trump book now. And Trump didn’t even get the satisfaction of a response from her.

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