Josh Hawley just gave away the game

Republican Senator Josh Hawley should be on federal criminal trial for inciting a deadly domestic terrorist attack against the United States Capitol. We’ll see if that ends up happening; the wheels of justice tend to turn slowly. In the meantime, hardened criminal Hawley is trying to play the victim.

Josh Hawley is still going on and on about how he’s the victim of “cancel culture” โ€“ which is really just conservative speak for he’s a piece of crap and a lot of people have pushed back against him for it. In fact his entire new book โ€“ which he just tweeted is coming out next week โ€“ is all about how he’s been silenced. But there’s a problem with that logic, and you may have already spotted it.

How can a guy consider himself to be “silenced” when he’s publishing a new book, and tweeting about his new book? Clearly he hasn’t been censored or canceled, in print or online. Hawley just gave away the game about what “cancel culture” really is. It’s a propaganda term that right wingers use to paint themselves as the real victims of their own horrible behavior.

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