Donald Trump just made the whole Jon Voight thing even worse

As with all things Donald Trump, it’s gotten even worse. Last night Trump retweeted a profoundly creepy video in which mentally incompetent actor Jon Voight appeared to claim that Trump was literally God. That wasn’t disturbing enough, so this morning Trump decided to take things even further by lavishing bizarre praise all over Voight for no apparent reason. Trump tweeted this about the guy:

Academy Award winning actor (and great guy!) @jonvoight is fantastic in the role of Mickey Donovan in the big television hit, Ray Donovan. From Midnight Cowboy to Deliverance to The Champ (one of the best ever boxing movies), & many others, Jon delivers BIG. Also, LOVES THE USA!

On some level, we understand what Donald Trump is trying to do here. Throughout his time in politics he’s been shunned and condemned by numerous public figures. So whenever a recognizable name like Jon Voight says something nice about him, Trump is all over it – both because he needs any endorsements he can get, and because his narcissism requires it.


Jon Voight (rightly) took a lot of heat after he posted his whacked out video last night, and Donald Trump amplified that heat by retweeting it. Now Trump is making a point of defending his ally. So the whole thing has its own logic. But oh my God is this whole thing ever creepy. And it’s the latest evidence that Trump is focused on nonsense at a time when he should be focused on trying to salvage his dying presidency and his terrible 2020 prospects.

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