The real reason U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman just resigned

At a time when Donald Trump’s white supremacy scandal is competing for headlines with his economic incompetence scandal, the last thing he needs is a resurgence of his Russia scandal. That just happened, to an extent, now that former FBI agent Peter Strzok – who was unjustly fired during the Russia probe – is seeking reinstatement. Now Trump has another Russia problem.

Donald Trump’s handpicked United States Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, has announced his resignation. This has long been telegraphed, and it’s not coming as a surprise. On its own it might be seen as a guy simply getting tired of working overseas after a couple years and wanting to come home, if not for the fact that the Trump regime has had a stunning amount of controversy-fueled personnel turnover, and the fact that things are always suspicious when anything related to Trump and Russia surfaces. So what’s really going on?

After the Salt Lake Tribune reported Jon Huntsman’s resignation, Axios doubled down on the long simmering hype that Huntsman might be planning to run for Governor of Utah. Huntsman was also diagnosed with cancer last year, so there’s a lot going on here.

But here’s what stands out. If Jon Huntsman is indeed seeking higher office, it’ll mean he has to keep his nose clean when it comes to Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. By virtue of having worked closely with the Trump regime and the Putin regime these past couple years, Huntsman surely knows things about the corrupt relationship between the two illegitimate world leaders. When Trump’s impeachment gets underway – and it will eventually – Huntsman could end up being a star witness. He surely knows it too.

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