The real reason Robert Mueller is going after John Kelly

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is seeking an interview with Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. The request has Trump and his legal team scared enough that they’re trying to block the interview, yet the major media outlets reporting this development seem to be struggling to figure out why Mueller even wants to speak with Kelly. But we think we’ve pieced it together – and it has major implications when it comes to what all Mueller is targeting.

Donald Trump’s most infamous obstruction of justice antics, including the firing of FBI Director James Comey, came back when Trump’s White House was being run by the likes of Reince Priebus and Hope Hicks and Sean Spicer. At thee time, John Kelly was still running Homeland Security, and was not in the room when Trump was plotting his obstruction. So why is Mueller going after Kelly?

The New York Times, which first reported Mueller’s request to interview Kelly, doesn’t seem to know why. CNN, which got Rudy Giuliani to confirm that Trump did indeed block the Kelly interview request, doesn’t seem to know what it’s about either. But we’re going to point you to January 29th of this year.

That’s when Bloomberg reported that John Kelly had been meeting with Department of Justice officials and expressing Donald Trump’s “displeasure” at how the Trump-Russia investigation was being carried out. At the time, Palmer Report characterized this as being the “textbook definition of felony obstruction of justice.” We predicted that “Robert Mueller can, and almost surely will, target Kelly in the hope of forcing him to flip on Donald Trump.” It now appears that’s precisely what’s happening, and it explains why Trump is trying to block the interview. Now we see wait to see if Mueller subpoenas Kelly.

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