Watergate’s John Dean now says Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner are both going down

Yesterday, Palmer Report explained how the circumstances of Michael Flynn sentencing memo was a very bad sign for Jared Kushner. Then Fox News pundit “Judge Andrew Napolitano” of all people stated his belief that Donald Trump Jr is going to be indicted. As it turns out, someone with a unique insider’s view on endgame presidential scandals is weighing in on both Junior and Kushner.

Richard Nixon’s White House Counsel John Dean played a role in Nixon’s attempted Watergate coverup, but then sold out Nixon to prosecutors, and helped take him down. Dean knows White House doom when he sees it. He appeared on CNN yesterday and laid out the reasons why Donald Trump Jr is almost certainly about to be indicted. Chief among them: Mueller hasn’t bothered to call Junior in front of the Trump-Russia grand jury, which is almost automatically a sign that Mueller considers Junior a criminal target, and not merely a witness.

John Dean also stated on CNN that he thinks Jared Kushner is going down: “I will be surprised if he’s not indicted.” Dean pointed to Kushner’s transition period interactions with Michael Flynn with regard to Russia, which was the same thing that Palmer Report had pointed to as the primary basis for Kushner’s downfall.

So there you have it. The guy from Watergate, the guy from Fox News, and the guy from Palmer Report all think that Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner are going down. That’s a rather broad cross-section of the political landscape.

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