John Dean fires back at Trump and the GOP

Yesterday, Richard Nixon’s White House Counsel John Dean publicly testified before the House Judiciary Committee, spelling out the similarities between Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice crimes and the ones that got Nixon ousted. Trump’s Republican allies on the committee generally made fools of themselves while ineptly trying to discredit Dean.

Today, John Dean fired back at them with this tweet: “Congressional Republicans are a pathetic lot. They’ve descended into trying to out-Trump, Trump. This is the way authoritarian followers strut their stuff for their leader. It is pretty weak but if I can provoke them to show the true nature of their vile behavior that is good.”

Dean then added this retort aimed at Donald Trump directly: “Reason that Trump can’t out Nixon, Nixon: Nixon knew right from wrong so did his wrongs behind closed doors. Trump doesn’t know right from wrong so he operates in the open. This will make it easier to continue building the case to remove Trump. Case is closing Nov. 3, 2020.”

We have yet to see what impact John Dean’s testimony might have on public perception toward Donald Trump. Recent polling shows that right around half of Americans support impeaching Donald Trump or taking similar action against him such as censure. As that number becomes more firmly established as a majority, we’ll hear Democratic House leaders warming up more to the idea of starting the impeachment process.

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