Trump stooge John Cornyn goes off the deep end as Donald Trump circles the drain

Even as a growing number of Republican Senators are (finally) calling on Donald Trump to begin the transition to Biden, some of Trump’s most deranged loyalists are still trying to buy him time to carry out his sham of “contesting” the election and pocketing the money he’s fundraising. Chief among them is Republican Senator John Cornyn, a total buffoon who was recently and inexplicably reelected in Texas.

John Cornyn tweeted this today: “Another example of why it is prudent to let the process run its course: Thousands of Uncounted Votes Found a Week After Election in Puerto Rico.” Uh, nice try, Cornyn, but Puerto Rico’s presidential general election votes don’t actually count toward determining the winner, thanks to the Electoral College.

This is one of the lamest efforts at stalling we’ve ever seen. It’s not exactly going over well, either. Cornyn’s tweet has received only about 1,500 likes, and more than 17,000 mostly negative replies. Cornyn recently tweeted “I am not ashamed for wanting all legitimate votes to count, for all candidates on a ballot. Didn’t think that was controversial.” That tweet also got hit with an ugly ratio of negative replies.

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