John Cornyn and Ted Cruz both go completely off the rails

Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican. In the face of the crisis currently confronting Texas, that hypocrisy has come to the forefront. Both Ted Cruz and John Cornyn objected to aid for Hurricane Sandy and voted against the relief package. To make matters worse, Cruz was among Senators who thought the earlier blackouts in California humorous. John Cornyn tweeted during the crisis that “California’s energy nightmare shows us why Texas must trust the free market.” How is that working out for you now, Cornyn? These Republicans show the perils of refusal to “trust” the federal government, and unfortunately, everyone in these Texas cities is paying whether they went along with this or not.

To make matters worse, Ted Cruz took off for Cancun during the emergency. Heaven forbid he and his family suffer like millions of other Texans are doing. Once the news hit the airwaves, Cruz began his return to Texas according to Bloomberg. Cruz claimed that he was always planning to return and that he just wanted to make sure his family was safely out of Texas. Sure. That must be why his wife texted friends to join them in Cancun to get away from their freezing houses, as reported by NY Times. Before abdicating his responsibilities to Texas, however, Cruz and Cornyn reached out for federal emergency aid for Texas. Of course, they knew President Biden would help Texans, despite Cruz, Cornyn or Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

According to the American Independent, Abbott has always had a contentious relationship with the federal government. He repeatedly sued the Obama administration — using taxpayer dollars — over environmental issues, and in January, Abbott signed an executive order for state agencies to “reject regulatory overreach in the energy sector” by the Biden administration, something that had not yet even happened. Like all Republicans, Abbott sought to paint Biden as some evil overlord, coming in to take over. He had even prepared to sue the administration according to the Austin American-Statesman over some alleged attempts by the administration to “threaten either the energy sector in general or jobs in the energy sector” in Texas. Leave it to a Republican to undertake laws and litigation over something that has not even happened. Now, he has had to tuck his tail and go crawling to President Biden for emergency help with Texas’ private energy system with which he wanted no interference. It must be rough to be a Republican these days, especially with President Biden showing them how governing is done.

President Biden wasted no time in granting Abbott’s request. As the Crooks and Liars site called him, “President of All States” when discussing the turn of events, President Biden is, once again, keeping his promise to the American people. He is not President for Democrats and blue states. He is showing that he is President for all, whether they want him or not. Unlike “that other guy,” President Biden will never withhold aid from a state or territory that did not support him. That, my friends, is how you lead, and finally, the American people really are “winning” on every level.

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