John Bolton’s revenge

Just how upside down are American politics in 2019? Liberals now find themselves rooting for John Bolton in a criminal scandal in which he’s somehow the good guy. Bolton is a bloodthirsty warmongering monster, but he apparently draws the line at treason, which got him fired. Now he’s apparently knee deep into getting his revenge.

Last night the news broke that John Bolton’s former National Security Council sidekick Tim Morrison is planning to give testimony to the House impeachment inquiry that will fully validate the recent testimony from Acting U.S. Ambassador Bill Taylor. This comes not long after Bolton’s other former underling, Fiona Hill, gave impeachment testimony which also fell within the same lines.

Even as this testimony is playing out behind closed doors, we keep seeing one media leak after another about how John Bolton caught Donald Trump’s people doing guilty things in the Ukraine scandal, told people that Trump was doing guilty things in the Ukraine scandal, and tried to internally sound the alarm in every way that he could. The thing is, evidence and testimony appears to be validating Bolton’s version of events. And you just have to figure Bolton himself will end up testifying in the end, because why wouldn’t he?


John Bolton naturally wants revenge against Donald Trump, both because Trump crossed a criminal line against the United States that even Bolton couldn’t abide by, and because Bolton was fired in humiliating fashion. It looks like Bolton is in the process of getting it.

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