What the heck does John Bolton think he’s doing today?

Yesterday John Bolton sprang to life on his Twitter account for the first time in months, accusing the Trump White House of having locked him out of his account, and asserting that the Trump regime did it because they’re afraid of what he has to say. Given the timing, it felt like Bolton was trying to hype his potential impeachment testimony against Donald Trump. But now Bolton has posted a new tweet that’s, well, just plain weird.

Here’s what John Bolton tweeted this morning: “Let’s get back to discussing critical national-security issues confronting America. The threats are grave and growing. The presidency and control of the House and the Senate will all be decided in less than one year. It’s time to speak up again!” He then added the hashtag #JohnBolton in an attempt at getting his own name to trend.

What is this tweet even supposed to mean? We all know he has a book coming out about his time in the Trump regime, how he was the hero, and how Trump was an idiot. But if John Bolton isn’t trying to testify, and this is just about hyping the book – which isn’t due out for months – why would he begin hyping the book at a time when that hype will only garner him backlash for not testifying?

In any case, John Bolton got his wish, and his name is trending – but only because so many people are responding to him by demanding that he testify. On Monday a judge will rule on whether Don McGahn must testify, and Bolton has said he’ll base his own testimony decision on that ruling. So maybe Bolton expects to be testifying next week, and he’s posting these tweets to try to generate hype for it. But wow this is a ham fisted approach. Then again, the warmongering Bolton hasn’t ever exactly been someone who understands the human race.

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