John Bolton just ripped Donald Trump to shreds

John Bolton keeps insisting he wants to wait until a court ruling comes down before he testifies to the House impeachment inquiry about Donald Trump’s crimes. But Bolton decided to open his mouth in a big way during a closed door speech, which is now leaking out – and it gives some sense of just how much dirt Bolton can drop on Trump’s head.

NBC News is reporting that John Bolton’s speech was supposed to be off the record and wasn’t supposed to leak out. But let’s be real here. Bolton has been in politics forever, and he’s paranoid in general. He’s not naive enough to think that his speech wasn’t going to leak just because it was in a closed room. He had to have given this speech with the intention that it would leak.

With all of that pretext out of the way, let’s talk about what John Bolton actually said. According to NBC, Bolton is accusing Donald Trump of basing U.S. foreign policy toward Turkey on his own personal financial interests. This has long been obvious to us, but it’s nonetheless striking for one of Trump’s former top White House advisers to say it. Bolton also accused Trump of being a terrible businessman, and sharply criticized members of Trump’s family.

The specifics of what John Bolton said aren’t necessarily the story here. The point is that Bolton is now attacking Donald Trump in vicious, humiliating, and no-holds-barred fashion. That tells you what Bolton’s book is going to be like. It also tells us that Bolton wants to testify in order to help promote his book, and he wants to rip Trump to shreds during his testimony.

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