The real reason John Bolton suddenly wants to testify in Donald Trump’s impeachment after all

These days we’re never all that shocked at whatever headlines we end up seeing. Nothing makes sense anymore, nothing sounds real anymore, and so be it, the next day will be even stranger. Yet if there were one headline we were not expecting to encounter today, it’s the one about John Bolton suddenly announcing that he’ll testify in Donald Trump’s impeachment if he’s subpoenaed. Wait a minute here.

John Bolton has been playing games with his potential testimony all along. He said he’d testify in the House impeachment hearings if a court ruling went a certain way. But then after it did go that way, he said he’d wait for the appeal. He’s been stalling. Considering he’s been writing a very lucrative anti-Trump tell-all book coming out soon, it led to the obvious conclusion that he was trying to wait to testify until the book launch was closer, so he could use it to hype sales. But then Iran happened.

John Bolton’s wet dream has long been to invade and destroy Iran. He never even came close to getting that opportunity while he was in the Trump regime. But now that Trump is assassinating Iranian leaders, and threatening to bomb Iranian civilian sites, Bolton has been heaping praise on Trump’s Iran moves. It raised the question of whether perhaps Trump has been targeting Iran in the hope of appeasing Bolton into not testifying. But now Bolton has announced out of nowhere today that he will testify in the Senate impeachment trial if he’s subpoenaed.

There are a couple different plausible explanations for what John Bolton is doing here. The first: Bolton is offering to testify as a way of trying to pressure Donald Trump into blowing up more stuff in Iran. The second: this has nothing to do with Iran, and Bolton’s book agent has simply told him that now is the right time to testify in order to ensure maximum hype. Take your pick. But with Bolton now offering, it’ll be very difficult for Mitch McConnell to not have him testify. Good thing Nancy Pelosi held onto those articles of impeachment for awhile, allowing this development to happen.

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