Joe Walsh comes out swinging at Donald Trump

To give you an idea of just how worried Donald Trump and his RNC allies are of a Republican primary challenge in 2020, they’ve conspired to cancel the GOP primary contests in a few key states. But that hasn’t kept Trump’s Republican challengers, including former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, from continuing to hammer away at him.

Joe Walsh appeared on CNN this morning and ripped into not only Donald Trump for committing impeachable offenses, but also media outlets like Fox News that have sought to protect Trump by disinforming their viewers.

Walsh said on CNN that while most Americans are now well aware that Trump did something wrong in his Ukraine scandal, “Those people who listen to the opinion shows on Fox and those people who listen to my former world, conservative talk radio, have no clue because they’re being told every day: ‘He’s done nothing wrong.'”


Joe Walsh, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, and former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford are all running for president in 2020 as Republicans, each hoping to bump Donald Trump off in the Republican primary race. Over the past fifty years, no primary challenger has defeated a sitting U.S. president. However, each time a high profile primary challenger has faced a sitting president during that timeframe, that president has then gone on to lose the general election.

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