Joe Biden’s got this

– President elect Joe Biden has now pulled ahead of Donald Trump by 6.5 million votes and counting. This is the second-largest defeat of an incumbent president in more than a century. Don’t try to tell me this election wasn’t a blowout.

– Speaking of blowouts, Trump operative Sidney Powell filed an election lawsuit on Tuesday which claims that Detroit is in Wisconsin. Earlier this week Powell filed a suit which claimed irregularities in Edison County, Michigan, which doesn’t exist. And Trump wonders why he lost by 6.5 million votes.

– Much as Trump would surely love to fire Bill Barr right about now, the reality is that Trump likely needs Barr’s help to figure out how to approach the pardon endgame. So no, I don’t expect Trump to fire Barr yet, unless Trump has reached such a point of anger and despondence that he’s become truly self destructive. Of course with the news tonight that Barr’s DOJ has busted the Trump regime for trying to sell a pardon for cash, who knows?

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