Joe Biden’s cabinet

Leaks about cabinet positions are often false. Someone who wants a job leaks that they’re under consideration when they’re not, in the hope that the leak will become a self fulfilling prophecy. Feel free to loudly push back whenever a bad name leaks, just to leave no doubt. But don’t assume that Joe Biden and his team are actually behind that bad name. Most of these cabinet leaks are nonsense. The media knows that and prints them anyway, because when it turns out to be someone else, the public will just assume that Biden changed his mind, instead of realizing the media’s source was wrong all along.

Keep in mind that Biden has confirmed he’s already picked his Secretary of State and Secretary of Treasury, and we haven’t seen any names leak about those positions. There’s a reason for that. When a pick is definitely happening, there’s no reason for Biden or the pick to leak it. By definition, when a name is leaked about a position, there’s something iffy going on.

– Tucker Carlson is questioning Yamiche Alcindor’s intelligence? She’s like twenty times smarter than he is. All he’s doing is confirming what we already know: he’s a racist who’s insecure about his own intellect.


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