Joe Biden’s approval rating is through the roof

The final Gallup poll of Trump’s presidency has officially come in – and it’s not what Trump was hoping for. If you noticed, leading up into the days of the election, he was frantically tweeting the most favorable polls he could find – going from the joke poll Rasmussen that sometimes showed him getting over 50% approval to polls that sampled only Republican voters and showed him getting over 80-90% approval.

Although his approval rating largely stayed consistent for much of his term, and not in a good way, it took a massive dive following his inept response to the Jan 6 Capitol siege. Gallup now has him at 34%, the same as George W. Bush when he left office in 2009 – and with a 60% disapproval rating. It’s a ten point drop since the election, and unlike his predecessors, Trump never got a slight bump in his approval rating after he was defeated.

As much as he wants to rationalize all of this away, he no longer has a platform to do so, and coping with the numbers is going to be a bit harder on his way out. He only averaged about 41% support throughout much of his presidency and never once had a majority of popular support – something that prevented most of his horrific plans from ever coming to fruition.

On the flip-side, the Washington Post/ABC poll’s final approval rating of President-elect Biden indicates an impressive 67% overall approval, which is extremely good news for the first hundred days of his presidency – making it that much easier for him to enact popular legislation on a healthcare public option and infrastructure. If he maintains a high approval rating through the first year or so of his presidency, it’ll also make it that much easier for Democrats in the upcoming midterms, when they already have some opportunities in the Senate.

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