Joe Biden takes charge

Donald Trump spent today golfing, instead of trying to keep up the illusion that he’s still “contesting” the election. What’s more, his team – or what’s left of it – didn’t even bother to try to keep up that illusion. No one from Team Trump appeared on any of the five major Sunday morning shows today.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden had his people on all five of them. Biden is taking charge of the narrative. Trump is hiding under his proverbial desk. Don’t let any pundits try to claim otherwise.

– There will surely be more faux-drama out of the Michigan GOP tomorrow, and once again none of it will go anywhere. Michigan will most likely be officially over with tomorrow. Even if last minute antics manage to buy Trump’s people a day, the courts will immediately shoot them down, on the grounds that such antics are illegal. There’s nothing to see here. How many of you are going to hide under your desk because of it, and how many of you are going to invest your time trying to win the Georgia runoffs? Donate here. Volunteer here and here.

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