Joe Biden just took a blowtorch to Donald Trump’s horse crap

Joe Biden held a campaign event in Iowa today, where he was confronted by a heckler who insisted that the phony Hunter Biden – Ukraine scandal was real. This was a dead giveaway that the heckler was a pro-Trump plant, and Biden knew it, so he took a blowtorch to the stooge.

After the heckler began spouting false accusations about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden responded by calling the guy a “damn liar.” When the heckler also began raising questions about Biden’s age, Biden responded by challenging the guy to a pushup contest and an IQ test. In response, the room full of Biden supporters erupted with applause.

This may sound like a scene straight out of a Saturday Night Live sketch, but it really did happen today. It matters because Donald Trump is currently being impeached for the numerous felonies he committed while trying to extort Ukraine into spreading the fake Biden scandals. The mainstream media (with the obvious exception of Fox News) has almost uniformly called out the fake Biden scandals as being fake, but Trump and his base are nonetheless going to any lengths possible to try to continue promoting it.

It couldn’t be any more clear that Joe Biden isn’t having any of it. Nor should Biden pull his proverbial punches when he’s responding to a fake scandal that the illegitimate President of the United States has gone to criminal lengths to try to spread. Whether Biden is your 2020 candidate or not, we should all be rooting for him whenever he pushes back against this pro-Trump nonsense.

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