Joe Biden just spanked Donald Trump something fierce

Joe Biden continues to lead “president” Donald Trump in the polls, but his latest lead is new: Biden has outraised Trump in funds the last two months. Biden’s campaign raised $141 million in June for $282 million total cash on hand for the quarter. Donald Trump’s campaign raised $131 million in June for a total of $266 million. According to Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon, 68% of the funds raised in June came from new donors, and 2.6 million signed up to join the campaign. Trump’s campaign claims to still have “plenty of money sitting in the bank,” but they have not reported any new donors or volunteers. They continue to miss (or ignore) the point that Joe Biden is besting Trump in every way, which is great news. Biden continues to maintain his double-digit lead in the polls.

Monmouth University’s latest poll shows Biden 12 points ahead nationwide, 53% to 41% among registered voters. Monmouth revealed that 50% of registered voters have already decided not to support Donald Trump. Biden’s current favorability is 44% while Trump’s is in the 30s. Brad Parscale wrote an opinion piece for Washington Post, claiming that Trump is beating Biden in one “important” area: Enthusiasm. That may be true, but if only 35% of voters are “enthusiastic” about Trump, they certainly will not generate the numbers necessary to secure a second term. In other words, people enthusiastic about Trump equates to a “big woo.”

Parscale can worry about enthusiasm while Biden’s lead has steadily increased from 3% in March to 12% in June. Trump tries to paint Biden as an old geezer who is losing his way, but Monmouth reveals that 52% are confident that Biden has both the mental and physical stamina to hold the job of president. Let us be real: Biden could be babbling and drooling, and he would still do a better job than Trump. Trump’s worst enemy is himself, and the DNC knows it.

Politico recently pointed out obvious areas of attack against Donald Trump, including his continued racist behavior — most recently, again referring to coronavirus as “kung flu” and calling the painting of areas with Black Lives Matter as “hate speech.” Democratic ads managers have something even more important than Trump’s typical behavior, like his admission that he wanted officials to “slow down testing.” Those words are a direct threat to every person in the U.S. and point back to Trump’s initial attempts to hide the virus.

In fact, instead of focusing on Trump’s unpresidential behaviors, they are looking at his lack of policymaking that is behind every horrible thing he says from trying to downplay coronavirus to his lack of action on the economy and the national unrest from the murder of George Floyd. Trump cannot do anything about the economy—he inherited the good one he had, and he has no clue how to reestablish it. This is a man who has filed multiple bankruptcies. He cannot even improve the economic positions of his businesses, let alone an entire country. Once again, Trump is being revealed as a charlatan, and that is all he has ever been.

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