Joe Biden just scored big

You may have heard about it only from reading Palmer Report, but Joe Biden had another town hall on Monday night. This is the type of format that Biden excels at, where he speaks one on one with potential voters and offers clear examples about how he’ll change their lives for the better, giving him a chance to speak in depth about his policies. He spoke with voters in Miami of all ages who were seated according to social distancing guidelines and wore masks, and offered bold promises for a post-Trump America that would overcome COVID with a mask mandate and a plan to reopen businesses safely.

None of this should really surprise you, but, even Daily Kos forgot about the event being broadcast on NBC and tuned in late – and yet, the town hall scored the highest ratings of any political event this campaign season excluding the first presidential debate. To put that in perspective, the event did 68% better than Donald Trump’s embarrassing town hall from September 15, beating out NFL on CBS and ESPN playing in the same time slot. Even worse for Donald Trump, more viewers were watching this than saw his staged return to the White House balcony.

By just about every observable metric, Donald Trump is suffering the worst week of his campaign and probably his presidency. With reports that he was fearing for his life while in the hospital and his own staffers calling on him to resign, things aren’t exactly going the way he imagined when he thought about keeping his full time producing job and running the presidency from Trump Tower on the side.

Knowing that he’s ill and ill-prepared to handle a pandemic against a deadly and highly contagious virus, it’s fair to say that this is a contender for one of the worst weeks in Donald Trump’s life. Without even trying and when it should be the last thing on his mind, Trump was buried by ratings and that may sting him the most. With victory in sight, now is the time to run up the score with volunteering, phone banking and voter registration to elect Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot.

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