Joe Biden just scored big-time

While Joe Biden’s polling numbers have been the subject of news lately, and the speculation of a post-convention bounce that Republicans desperately need, something else about Joe Biden’s campaign is making headlines – and it’s sure to get Donald Trump even more agitated than we’ve been seeing him already. Biden’s fundraising numbers for August weren’t just the best month for his presidential campaign – they were the biggest numbers in the history of presidential fundraising, as his campaign set a new monthly record -and raked in a total of $364.5 million.

To put that in perspective – that’s more than three times what the Democratic National Committee raised in August 2012, when Biden was up for re-election as vice president. A sizable portion of that haul was raised by small online donors – $205 million, and 1.5 million people contributed to the campaign for the first time just last month. Despite Republicans ridiculing Democrats for holding their first-ever virtual convention, they’re right to be afraid. On every level imaginable, it’s clear that their policies and backwards ideology isn’t really appreciated anywhere – as they’re forced to campaign in the shadow of a highly unpopular nominee.

Donald Trump’s shallow promises that his voters can all somehow end up just as wealthy and successful as they think he is, have been revealed as the pathetic illusions they are, as the Biden campaign continues to enjoy month after successful month. It’s clearer than ever that this is our campaign. Please make a donation this month if you can, or consider phone banking or note writing to voters living in battleground states. Let’s turn this into a resounding victory for Biden and his vision for America by turning out as many people as we can to vote by November 3.

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