Joe Biden just scored a major victory

Joe Biden’s been having a pretty good week – even if the country and democracy haven’t been. On Monday, he gave what many pundits are considering his best speech of the campaign cycle. On Tuesday, he earned a whole other array of endorsements from prominent people like Cindy McCain, who also came out swinging at Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, polls are showing a pretty favorable race for Biden on the ground, where Biden is not only leading in a number of crucial swing states and tied in a few states that normally swing Republican, but also leading with a number of crucial demographics – and they could make things even more difficult for Donald Trump.

One big statistic that stands out: Joe Biden is not only winning – but dominating the youth vote. This is generally always the case with whoever the Democratic candidate may be – but what stands out is the margin. According to a poll from the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, Biden has the support of 60% of likely voters aged 18-29, and it’s not even close to Donald Trump, who trails him at 27%. It’s even more impressive than four years ago when Hillary Clinton only had 49% of support from likely voters – due in part to a media that needlessly played up a number of phony scandals.

The news gets even better, revealing that 63% of respondents said they will “definitely vote” compared to just 47% who said they would in 2016. These percentages are identical to what they were back in 2008, when a smaller sample was polled and Barack Obama went on to win the election in a blowout, with Democrats making solid gains in the House and Senate. Of course, the only way Joe Biden can win is if we make sure to turn out as many voters as possible by November 3.

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